Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kaitlyn is 3!!

Kaitlyn turned 3 and what a Drama QUEEN!!! Justin Beiber made a special stop to surprise Kaityn with her new bike!!  She had the best day!!
Kaitlyn and her Barbie Cake from Grandma Lisa!!
New Barbie
Grandma and Grandpa Provstgaard
Grandma Lisa make Kaitlyn the Barbie Cake!!
Granny Cherrie!!
Grandma Ilene!!!
Myler, Rylee, Kaitlyn, Jessica, and Ellie
Great Grandma Cleo
Mason and Ian gave Kaitlyn a HORNEY TOAD for her Birthday!!! Best Brothers around!!!
Kaitlyn and Kasi

Myler giving Kaitlyn a Birthday Kiss!! Kiss'n cousins!!!!
Kaitlyn in her Birthday Dress from Grandma Ilene
Kaitlyn eating the first cupcake
Justin Beiber and Kaitlyn
Justin Beiber giving 5 to Kailyn!1
Ellie, Kailtyn, Jessica and Rylee!!
Tessa painting finger nails for the party!!

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